Friday, 24 July 2020

Stonehenge Decoded

send me dead flowers by the mail... Solstice DIY stone circle cycles and other stories... snaps by Dave, Milo (mb) and Si (sb)

build your own stone circle

Lola. L-O-L-A, Lola

build and destroy


bang goes the neighbourhood



Big Willy Style

Sesil-to-fakie (mb)

Chezterfield's newest temple

South Wingfield hieroglyphs

Maxxxy reveals the secrets of the pyramid (mb)

boise in bloo (mb)

5 Pits Trail

Kirkby neolith lazeee-boys get blunted

and nozpicked...


it's only rawk'n'roll...

Alban Hefin at the chimblestax (sb)

Sesil over the stroller (sb)

Sesil SCUDs himself off (sb)

Bambi out the SCUD launcher (sb)

one foot skankin' (sb)

collateral damage (sb)

Midsummer (sb)

Bambi feebles the Sun Stone. (sb)

how they built the pyramids (mb)

blood sacrifice and Dr. Foxglove (mb)

shortest night

breakfast of chumpions

ritual baptisms


666JurassicPark666 - DIY stone circle built on powerful cross lay-lines

stand by me

Kenneth Pleasure (mb)

cool kids

Silbury Hill

works in progress



for sale


apocalypse then/Woodhenge

big lads

Jimmy D

towards Alban Arthan...
West Kennet Long Barrow