Thursday, 21 March 2019

Snow on Easter Sunday. Jesus Christ in Reverse

The Boy George

rocks of ages

whiplash, girl, child...

Spring sprung

rust never sleeps

the good ol' buoys


small, sad, stone gods

lost highway

don't pull the plug!

white light, white heat


shirts off, February. 


Sheik, rattle and roll

The Wild Humpers, sending it for Bobs... rest in power, beautiful flower. X

homeopathic chimblestack

you pulled the plug!

Temples of Joy

more of the same

Kafka came from Matlock

the passenger

halfway up my ass, Krupps on't road again...

hail to the chief

and the other chief

some questions are best left unasked

Stu hooks Al up

blood in, blood out

lull-a-bye, babiez


in the pines, in the pines...


mason's tales

the hot new hangout spot - 420, Dude.

Kruppsin' - ambience setting

Captain Vasey, at the wheel of some great ocean liner...

no gear, no idea

what happens after Krupps recording, stays after Krupps recording (as above, so below)

whiplash, boy, child

are we fidget-spinning comfortably?