Saturday, 13 May 2017

Revenge of the Lawn

twat on a hot tin roof

in the future, when all is well...

modern vista. part II

Sheer Attack smashing Lug Holes in

Bam & Tom - doubles over the swazi, into the adi

real talk

the best lookin' man in Cotgrave

('93/94 season)

in the future, when the British Museum has acquired Andy's original Risus Sardonicus artwork for millions of pounds for its permanent collection, we'll look back and laugh at the time he dropped it in't Billy

Andy (another Andy) packin'

fisherman's tales

Polly Hardy is a babe

Mark Van Vasey is a babe

clear spot

lacking geggs


them's the rules

urban adventurers 

built-in sunnies...what a time to be alive




hot poker

temple of doom


Gurnside got done... (2014 - 2017)

rest in pieces, sweet prince.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Oh, Sweet Nuthin'

day (and night, and day) trippin' rount mid-Wales...sometimes you must loose the mind in order to find some of it again.
thoughts vs. actions

5* accomodations

it's a promise, and it's a threat  


home (is where the hearth is)

stillborn 18 ad campaign

home repairs
Welsh light

rites of autumn/rites of spring

the axeman cometh

the thin white duke's in't lav

(looking for his broken mind)

(stick to keep hallucinations at bay)

very interested in things

don't pick up the Mandrake