Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hola Chille! (Hey, Whitey!)

A boarder-run of sorts, to satisfy 'The Man', dressed up in the guise of a jaunt to Nicaragua and back.


Sar & Dinito

we were wandering up in the hills that surround the sprawling shanty town which makes up Managua, when a local fella appeared out of a bush, animatedly shouting at us and making stabbing motions. Using the full powers of my pigeon Spanish comprehension, I figured he was saying, and with all seriousness, that if we walked back the way we'd came (which we had to do, one way up, one way down) we'd surely be robbed and/or mutilated by local banditos...we laughed it off, and then shat ourselves all the way back down...

Juan Carlos

dude on the bus peddling medicine of some sorts.

female peddler cashing up for the day.

Matagalpa (hicksville cowboy town out in the mountains)

One night, whilst street lurking, eating ice cream, these fine minstrels wandered by, stopping only to burst into full serenading song for Sar & I, they fully ripped. Shortly thereafter, a fight broke out between a young dude on a moped and a larger, older taxi driver, due to some driving altercation further up the street. After some yelling through windows, the taxi driver clambered out of his vehicle, only to be met by a couple of swift kicks to his shins from the moped kid. Retreating back to his cab, he returned brandishing a gun and sent the young man packing on his Honda. An armed guard who had been sitting next to us, listening to the sweet flamenco music fill the night air simply laughed out loud and slapped me on the back.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Down, Down on the Ranch

The past months have been spent out in the rural splendor and life-affirming chaos of Earth Sky Time Farm, out in the sticks of rural Vermont.

the Polish spanner in full effect.

Polish spanner, Pt. 2

Ho-downs & Hoo-ha's.

Ben One (avec Greenhouse of the Afflicted wound.)

Ben Two (avec hyp cat stylings)

mega ramps

(not quite so megalegs)

stickin' it to the man

somehow Malc showed up and burnt down some building

where Benno lives.