Sunday, 15 August 2010

Down, Down on the Ranch

The past months have been spent out in the rural splendor and life-affirming chaos of Earth Sky Time Farm, out in the sticks of rural Vermont.

the Polish spanner in full effect.

Polish spanner, Pt. 2

Ho-downs & Hoo-ha's.

Ben One (avec Greenhouse of the Afflicted wound.)

Ben Two (avec hyp cat stylings)

mega ramps

(not quite so megalegs)

stickin' it to the man

somehow Malc showed up and burnt down some building

where Benno lives.


  1. Is Malc English? ! ! !

    Looking forward to seeing ya cush.

    Love and good elf

    Sagey locks

  2. ha ha wicked photo's. It looks like you have totally nailed the Red neck look judging by them skate pics, the Nottingham wade speyer braaaaah! X