Monday, 27 September 2010

Light Green Magick Fella

the best summer 'olidays ever...

um-um, fizzy slush

when the going gets weird...

...the weird turn pro.

big nottz thug-life

high arse

he came, ripped big nottz a new arse'ole, and then bogged off again!

squashy - ncp grinder

drunk man watching drunk man watching drunk man somehow doing a twizzler

the modern dance



Whilst Squashy was eyeing up this big green fella, a pigeon with no eyes flew straight into the glass doors behind him, staggered about, and then fell down a hole in the floor to die...Squashy then managed to drop his jumper down the same hole by accident. Considering Squashy's superstitious about other, lesser stuff, this was definitely taken as a bad omen.

the mare relaxes.

ghost rider

a quick Darley Dale seshwon. Beansnax Smithing.

Squashy floating out of shot.

something similar did actually happen.


whoa, freakout.

cauldren dick


an offering from the tree people



the next day, Nelly looked fragile.

but it was alright, 'cos it was also national Pirate day.


the best 'olidays ever ended at the best spot in Nottingham, which is actually in Derby.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bummer in the Summer

What better way to ruin scummer than with an impromptue Manrodeo?

Ali, whom I travelled several thousand miles to see

hippies in formal head-dress



not when Ali's around...