Saturday, 20 November 2010

The One Foot Skank

these snaps turned up on a oad roll of film...big notts in the final throes of scummer

Rome has the Sistine Chapple...

after knocking some poor kidda off of their bike, Rabbi Woodhand turned on me

the stunning vista of Top Valley

Benno (Swiss-piss) in full, majestic flight

bluntslide which sounded like seagulls dieing

the one foot skank

---following such regressive behaviors, I headed back out towards Vermont and Earth Sky Time Farm---

where the flour was flying...

and the camping was risque

and the ho-downs are somber affairs - a night at Donny Dorr's (local oil barren)

Donnie D. Dorr, macking hard...

Donnie had the pick of the ladies

and the dudes! (if he reads this, I'm a dead man)


yeah, we cut the rug

much to the amusement of the locals

cheers Donny!

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