Friday, 7 January 2011

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

A collection of odds & sods from the distant and not so distant past...

Mare Beansnax snoops

and spies him sen flying out to wallride, on a summer's day


which didn't impress a young Maurice Key...

nor a young(ish) Rebbi Mallam

this dude however...

fish-wife slide, pre amazing face-plant into the floor.

Butcher weren't fussed...

oh, wait...maybe he was?

fussed enough for a Mapes double entendre with Windas

Windas threading the needle where Madam Palm and her five lovely daughters live

Burnside Chris, at Burnside

Vasey being Vasey, some time back

tools of the trade - Berlin, 2000 and something...

A Spaniard, A Cockney and a Black Country Beauty recline in a sunny Bristol, way back when...

French Alan Leonard Cohen...first taking Berlin. 2009.

Forest Fields, 2011.