Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy Farm

Dead in the Woods last ever gig at the glorious Stuckonaname Studios, Sneinton, Nottingham. Here, Andy can be seen yelling about Cosmic Space Crust, or some other such thing...

Zombie Stu, F/S Hollie straight over Jerry Vincent Price. Blimey!

La Familia Kolakovic

0800-Hot-Neil (and his aura)

so, this little kid who lives down our street asked me if I could fix up his skateboard for him...and here it is. Lo & behold, Bobby Puleo has a sweet new street model out...this picture also featuring a fleeting glimpse of Lemmy...

seen here in all her feline glory (Lemmy, not Sarah)

"look, just like what humans do..."

Lem's been through the wars, like...her inverse belly Mohawk bares witness...

when it's raining outside, get yer abandoned warehouse swagger on (and if yer Bernacki, an extra pair of clogs to boot)

'A' iz for Adzam

towering bean-plant to fakie is the sort of thing you used to read in Sidewalk Magazine, c. 1996...I've got no idea what the trick Adz is doing is called however...

the lesser spotted Sasquanch, kick-flipping to fakie on a spot even shitter than it looks...

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