Friday, 23 September 2011

The N.W.R.A.

on our 'olidays this year, we went to Worksop, Bradford & Huddersfield...oi vey!

quickly, to north Nottz...

where the d.i.y. tatt's are in full - "are them needles new ones, mate" him - "nah, its alreet though, cos I boiled 'em" me - (yikes!)


Ramsden reservoir, in glorious Huddersfield

where all styles of outdoor ware are adhered to...parkas, cosmic space waistcoats, etc

Tim Smit

Kieran - f/s tailslide

Rod - no-comply to the same

Bambi - bluntside 270 in, believe it or not...

Rees, Son of Rees - nozbluunt skid


discussing the possibilities of dying on the way down...

testing the theories

Kieran front-rawking on the edge

Son of Rees, amidst the cosmic undergrowth

ancient pagan riiites

magick charms

Kieran holds fast and dives in...somehow I managed to have two cameras with me, each with film in...that's almost as rare a thing as ollieing into this wall

Rees - geggs assisted f/s smith in the deep at Hebden Bridge

Cockney Mare - Slash & Burn

Bambi rasps a backside smith around the corner, as somewhere across town, a gang of rabid feminists deface Ted Hughes name from Sylvia Plath's gravestone

the simple life

Josh. You hit the road, and often, the road hits you back...The North Will Rise Again!

Bummer in the Summer

Some stuff what's happened during the glorious scummer of the year of our lord, 2011...

Zombie reflects on the yellow curb issue...

Beansnax entirely fails to avoid the issue at hand...

Sweet Nellington, hard at work

heed the signs...

Windas & Waylon

Benno works this seasons's look (homosexual hitler-youth fun boy) hard

everyone's a critic

'cept this dude...

and this guy (Phillipino got hitched)

we fount the temple of doom, somewhere in Somerset


Welcombe Mouth