Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unsympathetic to Spastics

This snap is from a Fall gig at the Boardwalk in Sheffield, sometime around 2004/05, from what I can remember. It was a typically tense affair; the band were about two hours late and Mark E. Smith was even later (the band played for about 40 minutes before he shuffled on and started fucking around with their equipment) and full of the malevolence, bickering and general arseholeness that any good Fall gig should have. I had managed to squirm my way to the front, when Mr. M.E. Smith decided to yank the mics out of the bass drum (thus rendering it useless) and ditch them into the crowd, which is when this photo happened. Somehow, I managed to duck the flying mics and they smashed the guy stood behind me square in the mush, breaking his gegs...The Fall are pretty much perfect.

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