Sunday, 1 January 2012


November 2011 saw me & Windaz heading to Berlin, in search of S-man-imal Chin...

(we fount him sitting in a Germanic wasteland)

first things first though, a 24 hour bus journey with Mad Marin & co. to contend with...Marin is the older guy, seen here arguing with his son, which is a fairly accurate portrayal of how they spent the day & night on board. The family were from Bucharest, Romania, but were currently living in Berlin, and were hammered before we'd even left British was quite a sweet scene really, Marin, his ancient wife & their middle-aged son, all supping from various liquor bottles they'd packed for the trip. By the time we were on trundling along the German Autobahn, the bus got pulled over by the police and searched. Somehow, the Romanian's illicit booze supply went unnoticed, even with the son shouting "Heil Hitler" at the top of his lungs at the police!

Si caught a Windaz.

best looking man in Cotgrave, I heard...

full scale male models.

Si stealing office furniture

we made up a couple of bikes out of all the shit Si hoards, and rode them suckas all over town...

mainly to glorious shit-holes like this...

this is the Russian/German S-man. A much different creature to the Cotgrave S-man. This backside flip down the 2 blocks at the Kultureforum was amazing. Way better than my cack-handed photo suggests.

this is Monari. We met her one morning (note the bottle of gin) and she proceeded to tell us some amazing stories about her life as somewhat of the wandering Bohemian, floating across Europe, making great paintings (she had a collection of dog-eared photos of her work, and fliers for past exhibitions and stuff, she's really good) and doing drugs with a young Nick Cave.

Heiko. One of the better human-beings I've ever met...

Heiko kindly took us out to Mellowpark one day, the litter-picker sticking out of his bag is due to some hours of community service he has to do, since he got busted jumping the U-Bahn for free...he's worked it out so he can serve his time (or not, as the case may be) up at Mellowpark, which is bloody good going if you ask me

Mellowpark was locked & wet, so we dicked about on the roof instead. It looked amazing.

leap of faith