Friday, 10 February 2012

The Big Red & White Machine

Just before Festivemas, 2011, I was working in a garden up in the ex-mining town of Bilsthorpe, North Notts, when I wandered across the street to ask a fella who was working across the way if he had a certain sized masonry drill-bit that I could borrow, as mine had gone missing. He invited me into his garage, with a sly glint in hie eye, whilst he searched out the drill-bit in question...this is what I found instead.

Steve's sweet pan-head...he works from his garage, fabricating high-end bike bits (welding Titanium exhaust pipes and such...) for various local Hells Angels chapters.

Steve's collection of iron-horses, this Indian in particular, is enough to make a grown man are his dubious racial views.

back down in Nottingham city, where the bikes are smaller, the world views more liberal, and the mechanical skills sadly lacking.

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  1. At least your blood matches the Bantam;-) Post some pics of the bike mate.