Friday, 22 June 2012

In Search of Steve Bent

I've sold my car, thrown in my job, I'm 29 years old...
I think it's time I saw the world, cos I hate the cold and rain and grey.
I'm going to Spain.

start as you mean to continue...                   

Chris, who I met on the train to Plymouth and was completely bonkers.

catch a boat to England, baby...

maybe to Spain...

somehow we made it through customs and out into Santander...right on Chris, so long.




don't tread on me.


who makes the Nazis?


My mother cried last Friday night,
When I said that I'll be gone,
She packed it up, and then cashed in her premium bonds...(then Si & Meech got married...even the Man from Delmonti was there, glegging hard on Mrs B.)


drunken early-grabs over tight hips in transparent flip-flops at night are Strawberry's middle name(s).

Nelly was a smash hit with the local yootdem...particularly when he taught them that male genitalia is called 'Johnson' or as the kids said 'Juan-son'.

statues of pedophilic Klan members are okay by me

better rate culture there, boy

eagles above...

knob-heads below



Cousin Norman had a real fine time last year.