Friday, 26 October 2012

What the Dog Came For

a few days yompin' and bimblin' through the lumps of southern Yorkshire with Doyle & Windas...

way out is the waaay out.

(in no way bifta license related)

coad up Kinder (Egg) Scout yof.

potential cover shot for my forthcoming 'folks pointing at stuff' coffee-table book

some sort of rural vogueing, just not quite sure what...

crossing Pete Brown

sunsets over t'moors photos, 4 for a quid.

sideways walking

lucky charms

tea in plaggy socks


the spoils of over indulgence.

genoa cake?

I saw the greatest minds of our generation ruined by bifta licenses, jive-talk and x-raaaaaay vision. true story.

"all pointing, all the time" (blurb)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blackrazor from White Plume Mountain

Whilst cycling through Notts uni the other day, I came upon these wizards, wytches & warlocks, smashing and swording several shades of cosmic shit outta each looked pretty rad, so I stopped to watch for a spell (!) and then asked if I could snap shots of the war games. They were sweet as could be, and cool as fuck; all Iron Maiden & Jethro Tull concert t-shirts and crushed velvet dresses. Ragin', full on.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Someone Falls in Love...Someone's Beaten Up

Summer in't south-west. Sarah rocking out up on the moors to this, if I remember correctly

Lucifer's children

Wiff-waff seances at the London Geographic Society. c.1875

man's ruin

dude was serenading the melons, at 8:30am on a Monday morning.

Andy & Dan's debut gig as Losing Limbs was a riotous and completely perfect affair

ragin', full on

The first thing that Andy did after taking to the stage was to knock his bottle of beer over, spilling it straight into all his electronics (he didn't notice). It then took Andy about 3 minutes more to fall off the stage, straight through a table of drinks sending glass, liquor and poncy women flying in his wake. He repeated this various times throughout the set. Magic.

other folk clearing up Andy's trail of destruction. The band played on.

Ossie Ardiles blasting a frontside hollie at Croppers...(I'm compiling a coffee table book of frontside ollie at Croppers'll see)

running repairs

Nathan credits his Danzig like complexion (not to mention gloves!) to his steady Heroin Diet.

The last night of the fair

by the big wheel generator

and the grease in the hair...

of a speedway operator...

is all a tremulous heart requires.

a schoolgirl is denied

she said - how quickly would I die

if I jumped from the top of the parachutes?

and someone falls in love...

and someone's beaten up...

so, scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen...

(this means you really love me)

I just might walk home alone, but my faith in love is still devout.