Friday, 26 October 2012

What the Dog Came For

a few days yompin' and bimblin' through the lumps of southern Yorkshire with Doyle & Windas...

way out is the waaay out.

(in no way bifta license related)

coad up Kinder (Egg) Scout yof.

potential cover shot for my forthcoming 'folks pointing at stuff' coffee-table book

some sort of rural vogueing, just not quite sure what...

crossing Pete Brown

sunsets over t'moors photos, 4 for a quid.

sideways walking

lucky charms

tea in plaggy socks


the spoils of over indulgence.

genoa cake?

I saw the greatest minds of our generation ruined by bifta licenses, jive-talk and x-raaaaaay vision. true story.

"all pointing, all the time" (blurb)

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