Tuesday, 13 November 2012

True Say

True Story. two color Risograph print.

Showin' Class. Biro scrawl.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Coming Down from the Mountain of Fire & Miracles

start with nowt...
VIP entrance 

Adam (one half of Eastern-Bloc Cement finishers), lubin' the deal

Bernacki (the other half of Eastern-Bloc) smashing up our first attempt, cos we cocked it up.

second time's a charm
Si gets busy. Windas gets busy.
Si's the baddest dancer
Adzam - b/s tail
Tommo cleans up with a flip-fakie

Lewis came down from Manc & front-blunted the twat.

Rees, Son of Rees, ponders, before picking his conk in

be nice to the locals...they're armed

Scotty up the wall...Si took the snap.
Jerry Vincent Price took this snap.
Si up the wall, backwards, or something...
the night we built the first slug happened to coincide with the night the UK erupted into rioting, burning and looting...the college block up on the hill above Homoside got firebombed, as did a cop-shop across town...it was kinda groovy being out, building stuff, whilst all around us everything was either breaking down or blowing up.

Scotty blasting over the slug.

Benno tickling the slug
Windas tickles, then blast outta the slug...

some sort of progress...

another snap by Vincent Price

Rees, Son of Rees, b/s nozblunt to death by the Sun
slug number two is born...Zombie sports his best summer gear
what the dog came for
I guess Rees took this one?

Jezza gets low-down

brother cupes sucks one off, I mean up, and over...Jerry took this one to.

Si showin' off

Zombie blasts the lumps & bumps