Friday, 8 February 2013

Loaded Forever and Righteously Stoned - or - Straw Dogs & Grass Cats

kitten appraisals of mechanical guesswork

there's a few things wrong with this picture...

so, you known that point of the evening where things are merrily floating along and folks are mellow and the vibes are good and it seems like a good idea to get nice and stoned, and then no one's got any weed, or any baccy, so you rummage about and end up splitting a peppermint teabag open into a rogue rizzla, mixing it with some dried magick mushrooms for good measure and then to everyone's surprise finding it smokes pretty well...?
and then the x-raaaaaaaay vision thing happens...





Nelly exhibiting some class, not to mention classic form.

river h/d-og

Ali, for the urban gentleman...
good thing Si had his bib on
'no, seriously're a twat'

5am logic bonanzas with Andy are always worth staying up for
as is anything regarding Brother Milo Brennan
first-rate piss artistry