Thursday, 9 May 2013

I Would Put Roses Round the Door...Sit in the Garden...

FREE SPEECH! (one each) - Roy Harper said that.

the good people of Nottingham were really going for it that day.

animal cruelty 1.

I know nothing...

and know that I know nothing.

Q. how many fun boys does it take to take a crappy photograph?A. all of them.  

Romello's skateboarding is at the very least 95% showing-off...still, frontside that high up the wall is hard-body.

leaders of men.

Bristol's newest B.N.P. candidate.

full-scale male models.

Big Jerry Price rawkin' & a-rollin'
Bobs out for the count.

animal cruelty 2.
Lady Price took us to the creepiest place in all of Bristoldom, just for kicks, like.

goodtime dudes

she was playing Master of the Universe by Hawkwind. I shit thee not.

they were singing Master of the Universe by Hawkwind. I shit thee not. (I shit thee lots as it goes, they were actually singing Robbie Williams, but I prefer my version of events)


marginally less wronger'uns

now in glorious Technicolor

animal cruelty 3.

Tommy Ballast dropped a sprog. L'Chaim.

twatted. so it goes.