Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sabbath Pagan Iron Worship

a few weeks back, I went to my first ever flat track race; round 1 of this year's DTRA season at Leicester Lions Speedway. It was a truly shocking experience, on more than a few levels...all things being equal, some spiels I cranked out about it should be in the next issue of the glorious Sideburn Magazine, out someday, someday, SUNDAY! (someday)...I dusted off the ol' SLR and shot these snaps below for the occasion.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Spring Fever

Zombie working it hard for Blast Skates

80's cockney Long Eaton BBQ

Yousef's whip

the ghost of Gira and ol' big head himself

Adzam & Jeru at high-noon

marching towards the holy land

Sweet Windaz takes the plunge

Adzam sans bones

Tippie got stuck in a Nadir merch printing hole


Alex knows the deal

Bambi kicks out the switch pole-jamz, mutha fukaz!

so nearly the promised land

levitating dogs - 2 for a quid

Luke slips'n'slides

Phil pays the piper

Reeees gets his kicks as & where he can

Will was once an olympic hurdler, or some shit

The Space Lady astral projected her sen to Sheffield

post gig ride out to cowboy camp out up in t'Peaks