Thursday, 5 June 2014

Iron Horse is Life, Iron Horse is Wife - or - South Downs Syndrome

Sometime in May, Tippie & I loaded up the velocapeeds and set off Brighton bound...I even got some Polaroid film for the occasion.
start as you mean to continue.

bridal-way and rape seed field camping is some good camping 

as we approached Bedford on the second evening into the ride, a wild wind whipped up and the rain came on in. Recognising a name on the map of the farm where the amazing Trip Out Chopper Fest is held, and figuring if the folks there are righteous enough to let a load of hairy bikers loose on their land, they'd probably be up for letting us stick a tent up in a field, we made a slight detour and knocked on. Righteous doesn't actually come close to describing Gilly & Martin, who are two of the most generous and lovely folks I've ever met whilst out on the road. They let us stay in one of their cottages, brought us about a million meals, drinks, treats and even brought down a stack of chopper mags for me to get lost in. There's good folks out there, its good to know that. If you're even remotely interested in old bikes and loose times, go to the Trip Out! 

(all the gospels)

things to do in Bedford in the rain

riding through London in the rain is a twat, but brother Marlon is a true champion of nature. Seen here in his makings lair.

leaders of men.


we made it to the coast, where the sea and sky engulfed us and Lotti and lots of other things happened to.

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