Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Support Your Local Scroat-Bag

Adzam built himsen a bewt.

General Hardstaff


Reees, son of Reees, combing his hair down Mapes

this photo is sooo Mapes right now...

Doyle & Jamie

Gedge bonelesses in...

...and gets decked for his troubles.
shootin' some hills with Doyley.
EGS tearing JT Soar a new'un

Chain & The Gang at The Brude...there aren't the words to describe just how good they were, now let me hear you say YEAH!

heartbreaker (l'il shit)

falling outta the ugly tree.

(this isn't the ugly tree)

ride, wrench, repeat...

Clive & Toby, working it

'find what you love and let it kill you' - Bukowski said that...dunt think he was talking about pissing stink-wheels however?

Scotty is lord of the flies

the kids are alright...

dunno about this dude though?

Doyle ground the top block & I chopped his frickin' head it goes.


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