Monday, 22 September 2014

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Benchdonkee see, Benchdonkee do.

went up to Capin Bnax's to process some film in his d.i.y. darkroom. Had a couple of shots left on a roll, so he shot these in the dark and rain as I pissed off his neighbours...


tis the season of the harvest...

and of trippin' on out (at The Trip Out) ((there should be some more of my Trip Out snaps up on Guy's GKM blog-hole someday, someday, Sunday...))


Odge's pal's banty


Hip Priests based dance violence

tripped out

all my rammel broke my sub-frame on the way home, so I tied the broken rear end back on to the bike with some rope a kindly passing bloke gifted me and lobbed all my crap on't bars, which made the rest of the return trip a little more interesting than it might have otherwise been...rudder-physics.

...then Andy helped me fix it and nice it up...infinite more betterness...ta!

either way, Lemmy weren't fussed.

-reet, I'm off to slouch towards Bethlehem for a bit...sporadic visual updates from the West as & when... se la vie and onwards, upwards & sidewards-

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Here Comes My Chinese Rug

Milo hosted the 1st ever Jazzz Jammm down in Dalston. Jeru knocked up a poster.

anti-permission man


Tom up Hackney Council property

and over t'gap, blindside and flippin'...
Bobs & Milo, babes in joyland

Finn sizes it up...

then has it right.

(no prizes though. Life is pain, kid

Serin feebs for big units
Maxwell's safety helmet. 

fast times down Sneinton-town
Benchdonkee cuts bikes in aif
The Heinz Beeza 57 Club inaugural meeting was a great success

testin' Sheffield steel on unsuspecting Doyle's

and slightly more suspecting Adzam's

in search of the miraculous...

and finding ex-water treatment plants...the lingering chlorine fumes may or may not of turned the film funny?!

seek and ye shall find...pretty much the holy grail up in t'hills

you fuck around, you lay around

the call of the wild...





Middle of Fuckin' Nowhere, mate

Happy Adolf