Thursday, 11 September 2014

Just Some Joseph Waitin' on a Manger

Andy Benchdonkee & his AJS
rebuilding BSA powerlumps...
ta-da! (works and everything)

alley cats

broke down en route to Dirt Quake III (blew a coil) and these rare birds happened to stop by

Adzam casting spells with his used-Johnny-on-a-stick magick wand
Cap'in Bnax stands up proud at Granthrax got torn down and rebuilt again about a week after these snaps were taken...fuck The Man!

K-dogg Stands up at Kirkby
Rooney backtails like Timmy Upson
Locky waaaaay up the wall at Mapes

front fuckin' rawk!
Rees, son of Rees bounces out the side

ladies what lunch

Rees, son of Rees struggles to master the basic principles of barbecuing 

we went surfing, camping and hooning down to Devon
Maxwell, of the deep

lucky in love...I mean, ducks

smokin' drugs through savoury fruits...what happens in the car, at night, whilst raining, with Hawkwind tapes on dead quietly, stays in the car, at night, whilst raining, with Hawkwind tapes on dead quietly!

we went down to London and saw ol' Den

don't bogart that joint...

of mimes & men

and Danny Lyon's The Bikeriders...fookin' amazing! 

and Lotti's MA show...fookin' amazing!

Rees, son of Rees & Sweet Nelly have been putting the work this (that) space...

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