Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Rainy Night in Oakland (seems like it's raining all over the world)

One rainy night in East Oakland I called in unannounced on the East Bay Dragons MC.
One frosty night in Nottingham, I wrote some hokum & jive all about it.
One drizzly day in rural Yorkshire, Guy whacked the prattle in his glorious Magazine.
One sunny morning in Nottingham, it fell through my door...cheers Guy, stoked! (grab it here if ya so inclined...)


  1. A superbly-written atmospheric piece. Any pix that didn't make it? More please...

  2. cheers! yeah, got a shit-tonne of snaps from Oakland and a couple of zines and hopefully a posh-er photo book coming out this space I guess...? ta.

  3. Am lookin' forward to reading it, oh random one!

  4. t'was a great read Dave - only you could get away with that! I was chuckling away to myself while reading it!

    Good to see you the other day - even if it was just a quick encounter - I was chomping at the bit to get foraging for old rusty crap that I don't need!

  5. cheers doods! Tom, yeahman, good to see ya up at Newark amn...did ye score any oad gold/rusty shite of note?

  6. i'd just picked up my new (old) boxford lathe that morning, so bought some toolage for that!

    what were your lights for?

    1. grist for t'mill Tom...gor keep it turning!