Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Strangeways Here We Come - or - A Few Hippie Jumps Short Of A Commune

3 days (each way) on a bus to lose our minds and break our bodies in Barcelona. Spanish wine in England. 

croissants in Paris 

oh man, you had to be there...

best seats in the house

half-past France.

crouching lager hidden badman  

Bruno outside the international CNT hq

Kieran was on a strict diet of cronk, beer & 'ippie jumps  

wacky races

midnight battles with tight situations, so much piss and flying bags of cat litter 

all the hepatitises 

Rees adds his tuppence worth

Milo couldn't stand up at this point, which didn't seem to affect his wallrides for some reason? 

Maxxx - 'oss 'igh wallie

when the going gets weird...


loves young dream

Serin goes the distance for a tough crowd

you fuck around, you lay around

The Absinth Cronkicals. Volumes 1 - 6

Stoop Hoopla. Stoopla.

things (boards/bodies/brains) fall apart. Fin.

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