Thursday, 29 December 2016

Stolen Sun, Stolen Rocks (or S.E.B. go mad in Ladzarote)

Milo & 4am Johnny
the inaugural S.E.B. trip to Lanzarote... snaps by Dave, Milo & MaXXX 

straight off the plane, born into this

sexy beast

ride the snake

local fashion


5* accommodations (muddy ditch)

local fashions vol. 2

Alan Vega & Martin Rev


somehow, someone saw fit to lend us some wheels

Cesar Manrique is a badman

MaXXX's cold war

wild lyfe

MaXXXy do(n't) surf

beach bums

we tried kipping in't ghost train

but then found the best ramp in the world and kipped behind that... Milo upside-down.



smokey night-jamz



pissin' in't wind

human bone

Minotaur's lair

Milo, dam-jam

temple of doom

found the Minotaur, out on't town

lacking crucifix

blood bruvas

dune goons

you fuck around, you lay around

the great roll-in disaster, 2016

seconds prior to the great volcano hill-bomb disaster, 2016

getting away with it

mid-flight refreshments

watering Madam Palm

volcanic rock-wallie
both ways

slappy biscuits


the great ice-cream disaster, 2016