Friday, 27 May 2016

Our Thing - Part Two - Beyond The Perimeter


important factual public diagrams

9 milli 

street life

Roman Yoda. Roda.

some sort of pilgrimage (think less/do the thing/be stoked) out to Alberto Burri's Grande Cretto memorial to the earthquake flattened town of Gibellina, central Sicily.

15 odd mile yomp through this...

fruits of the road

as I was dicking about with this dead snake (somewhat sun/wine deranged, by that point), Giani & Karina came by in their Fiat Panda, gave us a ride, sang to each other, and saved the day/our brains...stoked on life.

nature reserve hobos

the best meal I've ever eaten

night time in rural Sicily

seize the day, or summit...?

good question
Burri's Grande Cretto...
is massive and weird...

Nuovo Gibellina seems to have been conceived/constructed on Acid






middle of nowhere

Milo, as Bauhaus objekt

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Our Thing - Part One - Chasing Crowley's Ghosts

Palermo, Sicily

the first sighting of The Great Beast - on a wall in Palermo.

up in the hills above Cefalu, down the coast from Palermo, slowing rotting away, reverting back into a more vegetive state sits Aleister Crowley's Abbey of Thelema. 

original sex magick cult murals 

to be continued...