Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Word, Mother, is Busted

got a couple of doodles and some rambles (in praise [kinda] of British biker b-movie Psychomania) in the newest, most glorious edition of Sideburn... out now. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Peacock Spreads His Fan

visit from the Vonz

Moon Cup, garden tour 2016

Danny blasting arf-twizlers down Gurnside

MaXXX takes from, then pays back the piper

Jeru slashin' & burnin'

Sneinton shower

river pirates

inside of my brain, it's a burning hell

don't drink the pink acid


ex-bike, becoming less so



runnin' around my brain...

Dumbdick on the PCP

bang goes the neighbourhood (holidaze to Huddersfield) 

Frank lobbing massive one-foots across the night

jihadi training camp


Rooney, leaps to block-twat

hunting and gathering

fuelled on Lambrussco & testies 

Byrne supermarket leaping. Mykey took this one.

Danny - one-foot dancer

Rory - sawblade fakiie

Rod - coping dancer/smasher

Josh - mega leap

Danny backheels over a shrunken Kieren

some dude popped out of a bush and gifted Byrne a crystal

Frank is a crusty

children of the car park

Frank is a wizard

buying whisky off weirdoes 

the exact moment Rees' brain broke


K-Dawg - rawk'n'roll