Friday, 19 August 2016

Accidental Dragster (Glass Asylum/Just a Hint of Mayhem)

Venus in Furs

wild style

modern irony


Sheik Shaw-Westerly

show us yer titz, m8

lyfe is pain, kid.


Moggins lobbin'

I shit thee not, Frank landed this

Myke becomes evermore the Polar logo

tatt goals

the boss

Kids, c.2016

K-Dawg scaring himsen

loaded up the 'oss and hit the road to findout...

this is what I found out (less than nothing)

never had a problem

my brain, on drugs

lesser-spotted zebrataur

loves young nightmare

"is there an officer, Problem?"

I love you, in your fuck me pumps

various modern stereotypes 

The K-hole. The ramp that drugs built. Nothing is Real Building Co. (ecstasy)

(Mandy = glass eyed jester) 

complete glorious shambles

the one skate photo I took.

the Wizard of Loz

the beautiful people



you guys go and lock up the bar... sure thing, bub.

approaching racist


Vic's stigmata. Vicmata.

Goat fwontsyde fwip

every hole's a... etc.

Albanian Raj

watering the plants

follow the fruit

A.Hallford sighting

a love in down the Deaner

cliched Bristol photo

never not breaking into stuff


fruits of the city


fine art

The Thinker, at work


the writings on't wall

day trippin' to Shr-Ed & co's crust-pit...

it's as good as it is hard to skate...

Luke didn't seem to notice, mind...

be stoyked on lyfe till the wheels fall off.