Friday, 16 September 2016

I Been Everywhere, Man

pilgrimaging up north...


yer not wrong, kid.

alreet cocker. love ye JP. xxx

issues with balance and perspective 

the Sneinton Speed-Freak Olympics were a sterling success. 

(the 3 meter nad smash)

Plaid Cymru

organ donar

good question

breakfast of champions


country music

misty mountain hop

Donkee hard at it (he loves having his soul stolen)

mid surgery... heartless

still life with ol' 8 legz

the field of dreams (The Trip Out 5)

how much for ol' 4 legs m8?

don't fear the Reaper 

bent Pan. rad bike.

Crazy Odgie's world beater. Champion. Belta.

drug-vision camera setting

Kev and mate.

everybody, pants down

the prizes of excess

Josh with the new, new, new shit

iron 'oss is life/iron 'oss is wife

good clouds
good cows

a trip out in Shazza's Millennium Falcon.