Friday, 25 November 2016

I've Been Dirt, and I don't Care

Norse funeral hangover
his & her's

writings on't wall

cars in't bush


portrait of the artist in stolen kekks

bless their little pointed heads
When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go, and you've just had some kind of mushroom,and your mind is moving low

the start of summit

Nothing is Real Builders Co. strike again.

Dr. Marigold, I presume

urban hoopla

homeopathic entrees 

EGS breaking down walls in the Temple.

Siege breaking myndz

Zombie with both the wallies... the oad man version...

and the new buck version.

in league with Seitan
the narrow road to the deep north

to meet this brusier

loadin' the ponies

important explorations as to the nature of smoke in the wilderness

first glimpse of Finnart Oil Refinery across Loch Long

thar she blows

the Nordic Moon ablaze

gimme shelter

Mark & Len


variations on a theme

the Nordic Moon rises as the oil sinks

the Vegetable Liberation Front (VLF)

sacred preparations for holy communions

bare necessities 

the yanks built Finnart post WWII apparently 

drugging and riding

the exact moment the shrooms kicked in

x-ray vision

the Nordic Moon from pon high

boiling brain-curd

black metal record covers, 2 for a quid

photographic evidence of someone's (mine?) brain exploding

night moves

park it in't river

total brink of boiled morning
survival never tasted (nor looked) SOOOO GOOOOOOOD
the Nordic Moon departed
axes: bold as love
total eat-shit territory