Saturday, 28 January 2017

Catch a Boat to England, Baby... Maybe to Spain

in the name of stealing further sun to cure our translucent bodies/minds, we packed up and headed out to Barcelona... Snaps by Sweet Nellington Turnpike (all b&w and some color) and Dev (the fuzzy-edged rest)
Pyrenees, if you please 


bang goes the neighbourhood

golden moments

meeting of myndz

Bambi - golden hour dancer

Danny Dentface - one foot skanker

both the wallrides

All Cats Are Bastards

Windaz - en fleeque

Grizzly Dadams

Bambino - 1/3 of the line

2/3's and counting...

he had it coming

feral creatures

legs that go all the way up

twilight zone

lycra and padding


Danny - never not huffing shit up his noz

latter-era Banksy

lubin' the deal

Danny in t'shallows

Bam in't deep

'ere m8, gor a light?

same trick, different dick (as above, so below)

slappy fiddy

only on weekends... ciao