Saturday, 25 February 2017

Life (its the Only Thing Worth Living For)

Bam - backside frozen fiddy for the eyez of Windaz



lesser spotted Es-Mun Deeee

Papa's got a brand new baggie (fulla jelly babbies)

laying some Bloody Head down onto tape


direct hit

cat power

one of Vasey's Krackened Hoofs

Waiting for Windas - The Makings of a Breakdown

it was for the best

Catalonian hangover

the greatest show on earth

so it begins...

I love this man (and family) very much indeed

(particularly this one)

druggy morning crocodile contemplations... the zen of me & Al

hold fast

Lumphries - back smith to hop the gap down Stannes

Lumphries - window botherin' in town

Myke Smith


crush the pose, not the kidda

Adzam - mega ramp mosh fest

Nath gained x-ray vision