Thursday, 8 June 2017

I Love You Sweet Loaf

It's just gone 1 am on election day, here in the UK. I'm not aware of how it's going/gone due to a self-imposed media black-out I've got going on. It's not that I don't care... I'm trying hard not to care about the outcome of the election, but I do care deeply; about folks, particularly the folks I know and love, but on a wider scale, I care deeply about folk... maybe more deeply than about anything else. 
I voted earlier on today, but really only out of a deep-seated feeling down within my guts that more folk overall are better off under a left-wing regime, than any great belief or faith in the current political system, because I have little-to-no-faith in the current political system, where power seems to be able to be bought and sold to the highest bidder(s)...fuck that. 
There is a beautiful, almost-full moon hanging outside of the window here, a large moth is flitting about the electric light above, my hands smell of petrol and oil from todays failed attempts at fixing my motorbike, my clothes are splattered with cement from recent skate-ramp building and my body feels the warm weight of both of these things. There is a low level angst due to it being election night and the inherent uncertainty therein, but my head and heart is full of love and faith in and for the people in these photographs, and the friends I have spent today with, and for old motorbikes and skateboards and birds and cats and plants and music and... and there's not a regime or system that exists, or could ever exist, that could alter or tell me anything about or change any of those things.

sunburnt socks

bruised heart

EGS - how sane is your life?

G.Fry original

We Wild Blood - full-scale male-models

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Jack is pretty much my favourite skater


alas poor Yorick

rule the wasteland
as one thing dies, another thing grows...

Cassini Kid

Owen Byrneside is born

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Jonny - hurrah-cane

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Rome was neither built, nor fell in a day...

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