Monday, 25 December 2017

I've Sold My Car, Thrown in my Job, I'm 34 Years Old

annual-esque S.E.B. holidaze to Africa (Spain)

a several mile hill-bomb a day, keeps the world at bay

first day, first spot, pre-breakfast (Damm Lemons)

dog shit deflector
Karlwold finds THE line... harum-scareum

life's a ditch (and then you bie)

careful with them eggs, Eugine 

Maxxxi finds the sweet beaks/treats

Marlon - bwackswide flap

Maxxxibon - bush hoppin'


mad hatters tea party

when the going gets weird...

better rate culture, boy

dune dwellers

sandy breaches


Stu walks the line

and tries to chuck himself away (caption care of Sidewalk, c. 1998)

das boot & the spoils of fun

Maxi Luna one man drunk demo

Guy Incognito 

as above, so below

Timmy chasing the big kahuna 

Charles Atlas grinds the wave

as does Goatman

buried treasure

Timmy's masterpiece of shit/Steve Bent worship

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