Friday, 9 March 2018

And Now My Heart Is Full

the wide, blue yonder. Ladies & gentlemen, we are floating in space.


busted? or ran outta space?

when the going gets weird... (the weird don stilts)

I caught you slippin' (xxxmas morning)

xxxmas stash-pile


various aftermaths (as above, so below)

green man 

heart-breaking champions of nature


you listening, Alan?

newnewnude Bloody Head rekkid got done... out Summer 2018ish, or some shit

loafing oafs in all-night chemists (ekkies for breaky)

the invisible mang and Sweve

toilet ambience 

fully self-sufficient 

sounds about right, eh Andy?

Milo Brennan photographic-forgery. Full on texture-head

iron'oss is life

same photo, different people/places

so long old friends

Greg - fence-hoppin'

Bambi - nozgrind twizler


Mobb Deep

Zombie - tweakin' for the 'sid freakz

Zombie's license to spoon

Mi(lo)chael's debutant was a barn-stormer.

not happy

turn on, tune in, etc...

witching business

(sorry mate)


plotting what nearly became our deaths

"big, that"

last photo before it all got a bit too real

survival (just)

Monkey and the last sheep that came sniffing round these parts

Mablethorpe sand-blastin'


Carl - blastin'


Sweve gets it.

reet, I'm boggin' off across the pond to the Wild West for a bit...chasing waterfalls, day-dreams, night-terrors, long forgotten full pipes in the wilds of wherever, outlaw scum fucks, familia, learning how to breath and love again and other potentially trueish stories... seizure on't other side, in'shallah and somethings being equal. xxx