Saturday, 19 May 2018

Life is Short. Filled with Stuff (UK - LA - AZ - NM - LA)

Al abord the HMS Dignity

brown reason to live

an accurate portrayal of what life was like in the run up to leaving...

gettin' the fuck outta dodge with Custard 'ed

M8, we KNOW!

Milo in the suburbs

not Frank Ocean

WE discovered the desert

wally wallieing in the abandoned hinterlands of the broken American dream... Texture-Head Brennan took this juan.
the best spot

MaXXXy lays it down for duh boise.
as above, not quite so below...

'the Chernobyl of foot models' - J.Price, c.2016

DIY shooting range

x-ray vision o'clock

van lyfe
St. Paddy's day in a casino in Yuma...

immigrants, trespassers... I'm talkin' 'bout trespassers

Sesil rides the snake

buried treasure deep in the desert

Sooooopa Custard Bros

how they built the pyramids

Sesil three-flips in't belly of the beast

lack of ekkies based breakdown

Crips? Bloods? Crip-ples? Chudz? Where yo' grandma stay?

curb lyfe
ditch lyfe
Jumpin' Jack Flash

fruits of the gutter/fruits in the gutter

this was straight up (and down) gnarly
happy as a pig in shit


twat's eye view of Sesil flipping cracks in't fabric


tweakers chatting to tweakers

the writing was on the wall

MaXXXy - f/s stabbla

the cvlt of Stas, the non-vertical vampire, f/s rawk

Jumpin' Jack etc

desert lyfe

morning ablutions/communions with the Colorado river

Truth or Consequences, NM 
curb lyfe (continued)

Albuquerque (well they say, Santa Fe is less than 90 miles away)

breaking & entering or escaping?

neither, ta

MaXXXy f/s rawk-slide. Campus lyfe.

Danny back-d for the moonlit gimp at the Albuq DIY

breaking bad ladz

high lyfe

Danny (pre 3 hour, $120 taxi ride)
Sesil three-flipping his way through g_d's toilet pipes  
Jumpin' Ja-etc
Jumpin' Jack pivots summit that's barely there
Marlon - conk-picker as close to heaven as we'll get


Bruno ignoring Ryan's tatt... immigrant mountain slide

Indian School Ditch... bombing this with the boyz made me cry in awe & wonder

Ryan wallies in

Danny hucks one up & off


van lyfe

human bone, now it's on

we are nature artists, above all else

who made Paul Bunyan's boots, hippie?

total bean-faced, saucer-eyed, pill'eds on their holz

(the Grand Canyon's plenty trippy, without any extra ekkies)
4000 photographs of gophers

this is either the visual result of too many drugs in the desert, or what happens when you chuck a found flare on't fire, or both...?


log commandeers 

full-tilt AmeriKKKa

Motel lyfe (7 in 2 beds)

lyfe/romance explosion

never not glegging spots

full-tilt texture-head

Brawley, CA

estúpidos, borrachos, chicos blancos tienen la furgoneta atorada

(rescatado por los mexicanos)

enroute crime-spree 

LA-LA Land

total Bateman

Brenok, rock'n'roll slide, two-shot-sequence for the beautiful people, VB

the wheels came off

Col. Mustard/Custard in the desert with the stoned stabbla... the BEST of times... x