Saturday, 2 June 2018

Satellites of Love (LA - Death Valley - Tahoe - SF - Oakland - Sonora - Santa Rosa)

the last daze of Rome

accidental dragster

Death Valley

midnight, Indian Hills

1am, Reno, Tweak City

3am, Tahoe

7am, Lake Tahoe

Jocko & la Familia Weyland (thanks guys! x)

Broooda Pablov & Lori

"Dave, watch the kid for a minute..." (2 seconds later)



before the rains come

Vermont St., dirty old town

fuck Old Bill

progressive modern parenting

Berkeley lurkly

Treasure Island

traveling in style


the last gringo to come sniffing round these parts...

as above, so below

(I puked off the cliff seconds after this photo was taken... scenic yaking tours) 

bad BART scene (shortly thereafter, a homeless dude in a wheelchair that I helped bust through the pay-gates gave me some acid... its still in my wallet. I'm scared of it)
inadvertant still-life

24th & Mission Lowrider night... madness & radness
proto gearheadz

some sort of aftermath

Bill skying one down at Potrero

Bob's dog, Bob's, West Oakland

Ryan and Bobslyfe

West Oaktown


 weekend with The Death Traps M/C, Sonora, CA... the best dudes/time... summit exciting is in the works with Greasy Kulture Mag from the time I spent with the DTMC
Gus & Jonathan



Wolf & Josh

raising the tide

Blue Dynamite. Heavy Bike, heavy history

are we not men?


Adrian's backyard wonderland

Tom - b/s boneless
busted - happy going nowhere

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