Saturday, 15 September 2018

(Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue, Glad I Ran into You, there's So Little Time and We're) Only Passing Through

scummer daze, the year of our lord 2018...

life o.d.

(it stayed up there surprisingly long...)

take me to the river... dump me in the water

safety first

when the going gets weird (the weird get stuck)

the British rural skateboarders association

bang goes the neighbourhood


river pirating...

fruits of the river

prelude to a drowning

as above, so below... total Paul Baron

Danny skying one down HQ

Kaii aping Marcus McBride, HQ

looking down across Deathmurder

ancient rites

handsome lad, handsome bike

when the lake gifts you melons...

Wild Bill

Simon/e ('s a goff)

Marlon's a fence-dancer


sombrero fallout 

handspun baseball bat


Andy's new (old) whip

annual bath

MaXXXy - frontside rawk'n'roll

Bloody Head big daze out to Margate


a grotesque ancient relic, and the Shell Grotto (arfarfarf!)

what's for P.U.doubleD Mrs B.?
P.U.D.D. O.D.

Zombie's mega ramp

Zombie - total mosh-fest

Marlon - upside down

Barrow in Furness

the Boss, and Kieran 


Bru rides the snake

big and bigger... fin.