Thursday, 22 November 2018

Hallucinatory Mountain - or - The World that Summer

down by the river...

Johnny Moped - glorious speed-freak-total-mess'n'roll

Wild Bill

various crash-landings...

last of the summer wine/free-parties/acid

Mick & Marianne got hitched, again

eastern bloc in western Wales

where there's a will...

all bases covered

broke into Portmeirion and even the camera got LSDvision

if yer gonna break into the place, you might as well break into the pool to... in for no pennies, in for no pounds...

hail to the cheif

portrait of the artist as a young dog

Gouch gets high

ancient cowboy burial ground

the accidental Kendrick looks west...

Lizo's soul leaving her body makes me sick... 

falling from grace

stew 'em up, buttercup

brief candles, fleeting rainbows