Saturday, 6 July 2019

Kill Cops, Be Gay (Bulgaria > Greece > Albania > Kosovo > N.Macedonia)

Balkan bothering with the boise... pics by Dev and Marlon Bremnok (mb)

the new laaad in town

send it

Sofia, Bulgaria

hired guns

civil unrest

fuck it...

full-tilt Bulgaria

Bon Scott's dog

El Greco(s)

tangled up in rouge (mb)

catch of the day


grace (mb or maybe Sesil?)

hammock concrete 

street luge (mb)


duffnutz (mb)


health and safety

Venus de Milo

high-rollers (mb)

hobo symmetry (mb)



catch of the day pt. 2 (mb)

caught flapping (mb)

life imitating art

shy cow


ALbanian swaz

and eye am? (mb)

the unholy trinity - Sesil (mb)

MaXXXy (mb)

Dev (mb)

Sesil's a hippie


something stirs 

doubt it



street life (mb)

van life (mb)

night life (mb)

Sesil rides the snake

the lads are stoked

Marlon - big poppa shuvla

skids for the kids

found the ol'man lurking behind the art museum


and Vlad

Joe, twice

dream proletariat Soviet girl

Bru's gotta get up (Enver's pyramid scheme) ...

to get down, baby


Sesil - 3 flippla the marble stairs (mb)

guilty as charged, ossifer

our man in Tirana

cheers Hoxha

solid advice

big lad

who's ya m8, m8?


"Chris Wright's Kosovan grandad" - Bru, c.2019

bribed our way into Northern Macedonia

kick the dog

Balkan voguing

timing is everything


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