Saturday, 20 March 2010

Happy Going Nowhere

Last Wednesday evening I was sitting at the table. It was a typical Wednesday evening in early March in the household; the Archers played quietly and largely ignored on the radio, I sat half-reading the days newspaper, mum flitted in and out, pottering about with various jobs.
“So ma, I’ve been thinking I may start doing some sort of blog…” I said
“Why the devil would you want to do a thing like that?” mother replied.
“Well, I’ve been looking at the blogs some of my friends are making (, and I got inspired to try one out for size, for myself, like...”
“If your friends set themselves on fire, would you follow suit?” Ma countered.
I thought about that for a moment, and answered, quite honestly, “Well, if it were Jerry or Andy, they’d probably have a good reason for setting themselves on fire, so yeah, more than likely…”
“Look son, you were born a Luddite, and you’ll die a Luddite, and you'd do well to remember that, alright? Besides, I like your friends and all, but know this; they’re going straight to Hell...”

(Disclaimer: The above story is completely fictitious, my mam doesn’t know how to turn the telly on, let alone what a blog is, nor does she think myself and my friends are bound for the fiery furnace, or, if she does, she isn't letting on. I just wanted something to start this off and that is all I came up with. So it goes.)

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