Thursday, 29 April 2010

Texture like sun

Whilst I was looking through a shoebox full of 7' singles in my room the other day, these fine snaps fell out of the sleeve of Golden Brown by The Stranglers, providing a nice glimpse into the bedroom of early 80's literary punk aficionados. Score!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Men Died Building that River! - or - A Severe Case of the Angry Apple

I love Bristol. One day I'll live there, in a boat, on the river, which was built by Irish, Welsh & English navvi's, whom ended up in an almighty punch-up, which claimed many of their live's. So it goes. For now though, I'll have to make do with occasional excursions to the South West with Jerry Vincent Price in tow and an excess of the angry apple.

Falling off of a Megabus at 2 in the morning, I blerrily followed my nose, not having the foggyist where I was headed, when I found Vasey in a bin, with a stash of unopened ale he'd just I say, I love Brizzle!

fruits of the city.

found Maxxx & Vince in fine form...Jerry was actually green when I first saw him

help me mannn...

Jerry & Gibby

Tim scored some faux-leather chaps...more fruits of the city.

one of Milo's many brain-childs

found this handsom drowning stairing up from the bottom of a puddle

maxxxwell mega-legs

dave the goat patents the infamous 'Crompton Bypass'

Thursday, 22 April 2010

So it goes (part two)

Pops come a cropper.

Eye'm Personally Not Sure About God...

Eyehategod at Cock City...ruinous behaviours

Jerry perfectly encapsulates the vibe, mannn, via the medium of his face.

Scott the Punk.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Just before he fled Blighty for Eastern Lands, Ali 'Stag-do' Couch paid us a visit at the Sneinton Village commune. It was a bleak, grey, hungover Sunday comprising of very little. Me and Nelly had been on a long walk around Nottingham's underbelly in an attempt to shake our blerry heads and get some fresh air down our lungs. We'd not been back long, and were winding down for the day, thought's turning towards the onset of the working week the following day, when Ali came round and proceeded to go off in such a way as to earn him sen the nickname of 'Stag-do'. What a champ. Come back soon Ali...we love you (kinda). xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Wonderfully Illustrious Daniel Jayne Austin

This is Daniel Jayne Austin; one of my best friends, one of the finest human-beings and certainly the best Artist around...I like his stuff as much as I like Paul Klee's...and that's loads!

These are some snaps he's sent me of some stuff he's got in an upcoming exhibition in's basicly a fully hand-crafted rig attached to an old Indian bike he brought back with him from one of his frequent-ish trips to Uganda, complete with a rear-facing second seat for a drummer to sit upon, banging out some goodtime Ugandan drums and two massive golden hands, which move with the movement of the bicycle, pointing the way forwards...

It's a starter bike for a series of Boda Boda (Ugandan street-kid bike couriers) races which Dan has been involved with, over in Kampala...he also made an amazing video about the last race they did out there, which I looked for on youtube but couldn't find...if it crops up, I'll whack it on here, as it's equally as rad.
Dan is one hell of a craftsman, and the detailing and construction of this whole contraption is nutzo...his next project is carving his granny's gravestone (really)
Dan, I love you!

(look, he even skates! [when drunk and I'm late for my bus])