Wednesday, 7 April 2010

twats on planks

bobby's handsome pegs - kickflick, skeffield.

benno - spazz carve, arnold, big nottz.

benno - front-rawk, bestwood, big nottz, swiss-style.

brother cupit - steady lurking, somewhere grim.

el butcher & cap'in beansnax - tail-fail, f.fields, big nottz.

pablo butcher - turd-ride, big nottz. (performed to a soundtrack of Big L blasting outta bernacki's car)

razor scooter pro-photographer, manny.

max & dog, london fields, big smoke.

thomas sagely, mam's drive, beeston, big nottz.

rod - leam (-ington spa) legs, bestwood.

this is what you get when I think i can take arty-skatesnaps - windas skying a kickflip, straight into the heart of the sun.

nellington - beeston weir(d).

some kiddas first ever 'spiney'


mike - slashattack.


moshboots - axle and in...


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