Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Wonderfully Illustrious Daniel Jayne Austin

This is Daniel Jayne Austin; one of my best friends, one of the finest human-beings and certainly the best Artist around...I like his stuff as much as I like Paul Klee's...and that's loads!

These are some snaps he's sent me of some stuff he's got in an upcoming exhibition in Glasgow...it's basicly a fully hand-crafted rig attached to an old Indian bike he brought back with him from one of his frequent-ish trips to Uganda, complete with a rear-facing second seat for a drummer to sit upon, banging out some goodtime Ugandan drums and two massive golden hands, which move with the movement of the bicycle, pointing the way forwards...

It's a starter bike for a series of Boda Boda (Ugandan street-kid bike couriers) races which Dan has been involved with, over in Kampala...he also made an amazing video about the last race they did out there, which I looked for on youtube but couldn't find...if it crops up, I'll whack it on here, as it's equally as rad.
Dan is one hell of a craftsman, and the detailing and construction of this whole contraption is nutzo...his next project is carving his granny's gravestone (really)
Dan, I love you!

(look, he even skates! [when drunk and I'm late for my bus])

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